Sunflower Bubble Bar Recipe

Break a piece of this solid bubble bar off and hold under running water for a luxurious bubble bath!

This recipe makes 3-4 bubble bars.

How to use: break off 1/2 of this bubble bar and crumble / lather like soap under running water to create luxurious bubbles.


1 Sunflower shaped hard plastic mold 

1 Cup baking soda

1/2 Cup SLSA

1/3 Cup corn starch

1/3 Cup cream of tartar

Up to 1/3 cup glycerin

1 Tbsp your choice of oil, sunflower oil would be a nice touch. 😉

Yellow and orange colorants (glycerin colors work great!)

1 small scoop brown mica 24ml Fragrance ** (it is recommended to use a frangace calculator like this one to ensure you are safely using your fragrances and oils, select the bath salt option)

Addition requirements: clean work area, face mask, gloves, measuring cups, wisk or mixer, 91% alcohol and bowls. Directions:

1. Slowly combine dry ingredients making sure you are wearing a face mask 😷 and gloves to protect your skin, lungs and eyes. SLSA is very powdery and will create a lot of dust so pour very carefully and slowly.

2. Mix well

3. Add fragrance and oil then mix well.

4. Separate about a 1/2 of the mixture. Add yellow color to one half of the mix and orange to the other and mix them both well.

5. Slowly mix just enough glycerin in until there is no longer any crumbs or dust left. This should remind you of play dough and should not be sticky. There is a fine line between too dry and too wet.

(The pink mixture below is from a different project I did. The reason it is here is because it shows exactly how the consistency should look. Will update with new pictures soon.)

6. Fill the mold with bubble bar mixture and pack well.

7. Flip the tray over and tap if needed. (They may even just fall out right away so be careful) **If you get the mixture to wet instead of falling out of the molds they will get stuck and you will have to dig the mixture out of the mold. If this does happen you aren’t out of luck. Add just a tad more of the corn starch and cream of tartar. Start with a tbsp each until you reach the desired consistency.

8. To paint the middle of the sunflower brown mix a small scoop of brown mica with a tsp alcohol and paint the mixture on with a small paint brush.

9. Leave to dry. This can take 24 hours – 3 days depending on how humid it is and how much glycerin you used.
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