Sugar Free Frosting and Bath Fizzy Recipe Ebook

Sugar free bubble frosting and bath fizzy cupcake recipe.

Making bubble frosting is intimidating but once I began playing around with different piping tips, my confidence immediately shot up. It all started with the courage to TRY. Once extremely intimidated by the amazing decorators out there I was pleasantly surprised with how EASY it is to create beautifully decorations and I think you will be too! Trust me, if I can pipe roses, swirls, and sunflowers– so can you.

Advanced Bath Bomb Recipes Ebook

Sample In this book you are going to learn exactly what you need to do to make your own bath bombs. You will have 12 fun recipes at your finger tips. Customize bath bombs to your own desires. Learning what each ingredient does and how to create fun floating foaming bath bombs and embeds. Plus 10 of the …